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The first branch company Firyang New energy auto parts project Youth League branch carried out the theme of "Prosperous birthday full Mid-Autumn Festival"

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The annual Mid-Autumn Festival, the annual reunion。On the occasion of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to allow all the staff of the project department to experience the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, to create a civilized and harmonious project氛围,9月20日The Youth League branch of Zongyang New energy auto parts Project was carried out"Prosperous birthday full Mid-Autumn Festival" theme group day activities, organized projectsThe youth members led the masses to make ice skin mooncakes。

Began to make moon cakes, small partners wearing gloves, in the heat, rolling skin, stuffing, pressing, stripping, packaging in all aspects of "show your skills", busy。The exquisite ice skin mooncakes were born smoothly under the kneading of a pair of skillful hands, and the production scene was full of laughter and joy。

"In recent years, following the project, I rarely eat mooncakes and enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival with my family.。It was really interesting and warm to make mooncakes and celebrate the reunion with my colleagues on the construction siteOne young employee said that in order to beat the deadline,Guaranteed production, many employees of the project choose inContinue to stick to the post during the "two sections"。Although I could not reunite with my family, under the organization of the Youth League branch of the project, I experienced the strong taste of the Mid-Autumn Festival in advance and felt the happiness of family reunion。 

此次"Flourishing birthday full Mid-Autumn Festival" theme group day activities, toThe festival is an opportunity to create a harmonious working environment, which not only relieves the homesickness of front-line employees, but also allows everyone to fully experience the fun of handmade, effectively enhancing the cohesion of the project team and improving the collaboration ability between colleagues。(Writer: Dai Lihong)


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