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The first quarter of 2023 youth pacesetter candidate Chen Haoran publicity report

Release time: 2023-06-08 18:30:42 Source: Company Youth League Committee Number of page views: 1499

"If I were a trivial screw, I would rivet full energy and gather strength for the hard steel.。If I were a small star, I would strive to shine, contribute weak light, and achieve brilliant and charming stars。If I am a drop of water, I want to integrate into the river, the achievement of the majestic ocean "Comrade Chen Haoran, is such a practical and hard-working leader driver。He is like a screw, small stars, water droplets, although there is no dazzling performance, but can be based on ordinary posts, down-to-earth work, honest life, and contribute to the development of the company。

一、Be good at your job, meticulous service

For six years, Comrade Chen HaoranIn the office car class, engaged in driving work。During the work conscientious, hard work, wholehearted service, more excellent performance of the job responsibilities, in the ordinary driver work, never put on a show, do not mention conditions, early and late, all day and night, but no complaints, always on call, with their own dedication, steadfast to perform their duties。As the driver of the car class, he attaches great importance to the professional ethics of the driver, talks about style and comity, and establishes a good corporate image。When encountering rampaging pedestrians or vehicles, he always prefers to stop for three minutes rather than grab a second, and often reminds others to pay attention to safety。In addition, he is always doing good deeds, always worrying about what others are anxious about, thinking about what others think, when colleagues need help, he always does not hesitate to lend a helping hand。He usually humbly seek advice, not ashamed to ask questions, and constantly improve his professional skills and comprehensive quality。He takes every drive as a good opportunity to exercise himself, in this good mentality so he can stick to it365 days smile service。

二、Focus on safety, embrace peace

Comrade Chen HaoranAlways keep the safety string tight and consistentThe policy of "safety first, prevention first", carefully digest the relevant safety regulations and the spirit of superior safety documents, and draw lessons from some unsafe cases。Often based on years of experience,By road, season, vehicle condition, task, etc,Pre-control analysis of danger points,Make yourself aware in the process of driving,Despite their technical prowess,But to ensure driving safety,After work,He still works hard at his driving,Carefully study and master the relevant traffic laws and regulations,Consciously comply with the rules, civilized driving。Under its careful maintenance, the vehicle has always ensured a safe and stable working condition, the fuel consumption is controlled at a reasonably low level, the annual mileage is about 50,000 kilometers, there is no liability accident, there is no official delay caused by the vehicle itself, and there is no scratching phenomenon。Some people may feel that he did not make any dazzling achievements, but in fact, every simple is the energy and time watering!

三、Well maintained. Hold your ground

For Comrade Chen HaoranFor example, the vehicle has become an indispensable part of life, spare time, or every time the car comes back, he always scrubbed the car clean, if conditions, and then the car dry, waxing, to extend the life of the vehicle。If the car has even a little fault, he will put it on his heart until it is repaired。He used to say:"Heaven is not afraid, the earth is not afraid, just afraid that the car is bad on the road to delay the time of the leader and block the traffic.。Therefore, he never takes the "sick car" on the road, he thinks and works hard, and plays the dual role of "doctor" and "beautician" in the maintenance and maintenance work of the vehicle。He suffered from an occupational disease because of years of hard work。But he kept driving even when he was in so much pain。The nature of his job meant that he could not spend long time with his family, and he often heard complaints from his parents and family。Family on the one hand, work on the other。Despite a lot of guilt, he never brought negativity into his work。When working, he is always so professional and meticulous, so enthusiastic and steady and reliable!

A grain of sand to see the world, a drop of water to see life。We often admire the kind of brilliant and dazzling achievements, but in fact, plain and unadorned is also a great。To be content with an ordinary post, and to bloom in an ordinary position and show the value of life is extraordinary。Let us, like him, be loyal to our duties, do our duty, strive for the best, and create the best。Let us, like him, be able to make extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts, happy work, and be a screw that never rusts!

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