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The first quarter of 2023 youth pacesetter candidate Chen Tao propaganda report

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陈涛,男,199210月生,2014Joined the work in July, now Anhui First Construction Engineering Co., LTDChief of technical quality Section of the third branch。自2014Since joining the work in July, I have been engaged inMaterial staff, technicians, construction workers, quality inspectors, technical quality section chief, technical quality management and other work has solid practical experience, at the same time diligent in practice, good at innovation, can be conscientious, down-to-earth to complete the tasks issued by the company。The main deeds are as follows:

一、Aggressive, progressive thinking

As a young employee of a state-owned construction enterprise, Comrade Chen Tao actively demands progress in ideology, strengthens theoretical study, and earnestly studies the Party's principles, policies and lines.认真学习习总书记的重要讲话精神,积极参与到公司组织的各类学党史活动中。在In 2017, I participated in the training course for Party membership activists of Anhui Construction Engineering Group, completed the exam and obtained excellent results and certificates。牢记""Honesty, dedication first" spirit of enterprise, actively study the group company's documents, meeting spirit, comprehensively improve their own comprehensive quality, always to become a formal Communist Party members thought and action preparation。

Second, overcome difficulties and stick to the post

Since I engaged in the Technical quality Department of Anhui No. 1 Construction No. 3 Branch in September 2020, due to the large scale of the three branches, more projects under their jurisdiction, and the relatively dispersed location of the projects, the technical quality Department of the branch is short of personnel, and the technical quality work is heavy。Since working as a technician in the Technical Quality Department, Chen Tao has been able to quickly integrate into the role, earnestly complete the tasks assigned by the company, timely reply and help the needs of the project, and do a good job in communication with various departments and projects of the company。

Three, a hundred years plan, quality-based

2023 is the year of improving quality and efficiency, Chen TaoAlways follow"Century-long plan, quality-oriented""Quality power" and other purposes, quality as the core, strict management, strict control, strict checks,Achieve full coverage of monthly inspection of projects belonging to the branch company, hold a technical quality meeting of the branch company every month, and use the problems found in the monthly inspectionPPT will be notified and good practices will be praised。The premise of doing a good job in technical quality management is to establish a system to improve the technical quality system of the branch on the basis of the documents issued by the technical quality management department of the company.At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of each project of the branch company, the following measures have been formulated and implemented:

1.Quality control speaks with data, requiring the project of the branch company to measure the real amount, and wall perpendicularity, flatness and other data on the wall。In the monthly inspection of the branch company, the actual measured data is the key inspection item, and the data on the project wall are retested and random checked, so as to ensure the quality of the solid project。

2.In the past, the company required 7 days, 14 days, 28 days to rebound the main structure concreteStrength recording is based on the addition of the wall post template after mold removal3-day rebound record,Record the original data, analyze the change of concrete strength, so that the problem is found early, early treatment, to avoid the occurrence of major quality accidents。

3.Improve the technical quality reward and punishment system of branch companies。要求When supporting the mold of the structural column, all the horns are set and higher than the top of the structural column5cm to ensure the top of the structural column pouring compactness。There are water rooms in the kitchen and bathroomAnd the roof waterproof beam must be poured together with the structure, the roof parapet wall and the roof structure must bePoured with the structure40-50cm heightThe roof structure of the basement must be poured with a certain height and retained waterproof closing grooves。The construction technology of large basement formwork without opening holes, thin steel plate sealing after pouring, tower hanging frame column, etc。

Fourth, to create excellence and win the cup, remarkable results

2022 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In the still severe form of the epidemic, the Technical quality Department of the three branches where Chen Tao is located has achieved good results, and basically completed the annual task indicators assigned by the technical quality management Department of the company in August. In terms of creating excellence and winning the cup, there are the following items:

Municipal quality engineering company issued indicatorsTwo, nine done。Building G1# and G2# of the first phase of Wonju Shuxiang Garden won the "Gupeng Cup" Award of Xuzhou Municipal Quality Project,It became the first project of the three branches to obtain high-quality projects outside the province and at the municipal level;Fengtai Phoenix International City project 14#, 20#, 24#, 26# building project, Huainan Rose Manor 6#, 7# building project, Huainan prefabricated construction production line project (1# production workshop) obtained Huainan City quality project "Shungeng Cup" acceptance。

省级QC results the company issued 3 indicators and completed 6。Anjian · Seoul Yuanzhu Shuxiang Garden Phase II project "On improving the application of anti-cracking technology for Building engineering thermal insulation fine stone concrete floor" won the provincial second prize,Mingguang Green Paint Industrial Park Blue white-collar apartment project "On improving the application of masonry construction quality control technology", Anjian · Seoul Yuanzhu Shuxiang Garden phase II project "on improving the seismic support and suspension installation pass rate of technology", Yinjiang Jihuai Block B project "on improving the construction quality control technology of wall decoration board construction", Canal New City West CityDingxiang Yuan project "On improving the quality of non-painting aluminum formwork external wall technology application", Rose Manor project "on improving the quality of plastering internal walls of residential buildings to reduce hollow drum, crack phenomenon" won the provincial third prize。

Paper companies issue indicators1 item, complete 1 item。"Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Cost and Cost Control of Green Building Engineering", Phase II project of Anjian-Seoul Yuanzhu Shuxiang Garden, won a paper from the East China Civil Engineering Construction Technology Exchange Meeting of six provinces and one city。

Dingxiang Garden project of Canal New City West City "Concrete structure plate high-precision finishing construction method" obtained the group's enterprise-level construction method。

Scientific research project application company issued indicators1 item, complete 1 item。The project "Integrated construction of prefabricated building aluminum mold climbing frame" of Dingxiang Garden in the west city of Canal New City completed the group's scientific research project approval。

The BIM results declaration company issued 1 index, and China Hefei Agricultural Products International Logistics Park EB and A3 Plot Vegetable Trading Center (Phase II) won the third prize of the sixth National "Most Beautiful Construction Site" BIM Field Planning Competition in 2022。

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