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The first quarter of 2023 youth pacesetter candidate Jia Mingyu propaganda report

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Jia Mingyu, male,Born in April 1996, graduated from Anhui Jianzhu University in June 2019, majored in Civil engineering, bachelor's degree, Communist Youth League member, joined Anhui First Construction Engineering Co., LTD in November 2019。入职以来Comrade Jia MingyuActively participate in all kinds of activities organized by the leagueStrive to complete the tasks assigned by the league organization,Remember your jobideology

As the main force of the Communist Party, the Communist Youth League plays an irreplaceable role。Comrade Jia MingyuAs a member of the Communist Youth League, strict demands on themselves, and strive for high grades in study, politicsAdvanced, active表现积极。进入工作以来,He was always mindful of his membership in the Communist Youth LeagueBe strict with yourself everywhere。同时作为A clerk工作As their first task, never willing to relax a little, inAnnual evaluation中各All have achieved excellent results。At the same time, he doesn't stop therehonorAs a motivatorMake one's way,促使自己To mature, integrate into society, shoulder the historyNew generation of youthThe mission of。

This year is the founding committee of the Communist Youth League of ChinaOne hundred and one周年,The May Fourth MovementOne hundred and four周年。As a member of the Communist Youth League,Comrade Jia MingyuAlways remember your duties as a memberStrictly abide by the rules of league members, keep in mind that league members are the reserve army of the Party, should inherit the party's advanced nature, should have a noble character and sentiment。Actively participate in the commemorative activities organized by the Youth League CommitteeThrough careful study and thinking in the activityConstantly improve the ability and quality of all aspectsStrive to be qualified successors to the cause of socialism

In thought:Comrade Jia Mingyu思想端正Have higherLevel of ideological consciousness,能够Set up as a member of the Communist Youth League should play a leading and exemplary role其次,Active participation单位The activities of the members of the organization, learning theory in the activity, practice theory in the activity, so as to apply what is learned, but also in line with Marx's principle of combining theory with practice再次,Pay the tour fee on time, do not lag behind, and strive to contribute their modest efforts to the cause of the regiment此外,Comrade Jia Mingyu also has a higherIdeological quality,能够Promote socialist ethics,做到Be strict with oneself, promote good and suppress evil, seek truth and create, keep pace with The Times, and carry forward the excellent traditional virtues of the Chinese nation。Scrupulously observe公司Rules and regulations, not to join illegal organizations。Conscientiously study the Charter of the League, consciously fulfill the obligations of the league members, implement the resolutions of the league, abide by the discipline of the league, complete the tasks assigned by the league organization, and play an exemplary role of the league membersMade itThe duty of a league member。Comrade Jia MingyuHave good moral cultivation, and have a firm political direction, and actively demand progress

In learning:Comrade Jia MingyuAlways stick to an adage"It is my task not to give up the effort, and it is my duty to fight and fight again on the basis of what we have now."。从Enter the job以来My study has not been lax. I have scientific career planning and clear learning goals. I earnestly study professional knowledge and study hard, and I have strong computer application abilityAnd big data aggregation capabilitiesAt the same time, he alsoBe willing to help others同事Learn from each other to achieve the goal of common progress。工作timefulness负责、做好记录, think positive and及时Ask a questionSolve the problemNot only did they reap a lot, the whole单位The learning atmosphere has also been greatly improvedBefore he gets off workTimely completion工作,做到High efficiencyHigh qualityActively cooperate领导Work, actually决策能力Has been greatly improved。

At work:Comrade Jia MingyuActive cooperation项目Work of the ministry, and put forward a variety of reasonable and feasible opinionsAt the end of nineteen, Comrade Jia Mingyu joined the project department of Hainan West Coast International Health City of Anhui First Construction Engineering Co., LTDDiligently, earnestly and actively do their own work, when working自愿Rush to the forefront,Have the ability to be all工作In good orderAbility of...During his tenure as a material officer, he also used his spare time to learn the quality testing knowledge of materials, and kept in mind the quality requirements of all building materials to ensure the quality and quantity of each batch of materials。同时Be also responsible forLife in the project department开支,Be able to do the projectAll above生活Expenses are calculated accurately and on timeAll leaders and colleagues report to get spending under control22 Hainan branch was established,Creative Valley project starts,Comrade Jia Mingyu joined the Creative Valley auditor post,Detailed preparation of project budget estimates, budgets and planning,Process all project cost data,Detailed processing of project bidding and procurement, contract signing, downstream settlement, expense reimbursement and other work,Make sure that each cost content has rules to follow。At the same time, Comrade Jia Mingyu can alsoActively cooperate with others同事Complete all work tasks。Teamwork spirit and cohesionCarry forward。At workAlways conscientious, the pursuit of perfection拥有The spirit of not afraid of hardship and fatigue。

Knowledge is endless, learning is more endless。As a league member,Comrade Jia Mingyu is constantly adaptingThe development of The Times, keep up with the pace of The Times,Constantly to expandFill their own knowledge reserve, in order to improve their own cultivation。为了在不远的将来能得到党的认可,成为一名真正的中国共产党员,也为了在After thisTo work and learn with all the people with lofty ideals,He is there, too.Continue to actively participate in the political theory study organized by the league branch, unite classmates, help each other, and study hard政治知识。

Comrade Jia Mingyu believes that在个人成长的路上,不但要敢于创新,而且要在马克思主义、毛泽东思想、邓小平理论、The important thought of Three RepresentsReflect on your words and actions。As a member must have a positive attitude, optimistic spirit, and dare to challenge the spirit of difficulties, and victory is not arrogant, defeat is not discouraged, can carry forward solidarity and love, care for others, with team spirit and collective sense of honor。"Do not do evil for a small reason, and do not do good for a small reasonGood moral habits are not overnight, but a long-term process。Start with me and lead others。Only in this way will it not violate the spirit of being a new generation of glorious Communist Youth League members。

Comrade Jia Mingyu canBe strict with yourself as a good league member,能够Seek truth from facts in work, guard against arrogance and impetuousness, strive to overcome their shortcomings, and always maintain the vanguard role of the league organization能够Down-to-earth, proactive, continuous innovation,silentlyDedication, and strive to make themselves achieve new achievements in various work, and strive to become an excellent pioneer of the Communist Youth League organization能够Adhere to the fine style of hard workTo learn the backbone at work, to be advanced in politics, to be active in activities,Their own job赋予Passion and responsibilityLive up to the organization andAll leadersExpectation of

Hope Comrade Jia MingyuKeep tryingStrive for better development opportunities

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