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Anhui first construction Commission for Discipline inspection held a meeting on discipline inspection and supervision of cadre education rectification

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On the afternoon of March 31, Anhui First Construction Commission for Discipline Inspection held a meeting on discipline inspection and supervision of cadre education rectification。Zhang Zhisheng, member of the Party Committee of the company and secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, presided over the meeting, and members of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and staff of the discipline inspection room attended the meeting。

会议集中学习了《beat365亚洲官方网站》第七章、第八章和《beat365亚洲官方网站》、安徽省纪委十一届三次全会精神和全省纪检监察干部队伍教育整顿动员部署会议精神。At the meeting, the "Anhui Construction Engineering Group discipline inspection and supervision cadres education rectification implementation plan" was conveyed and clarified the next step of the company's discipline inspection committee。

The meeting stressed that carrying out discipline inspection and supervision cadres' education rectification is an important political task of the current discipline inspection and supervision organs, and it is necessary to carry out education rectification work with a high degree of political consciousness。The meeting required that, first, we should strengthen organizational leadership, adhere to clear rectification goals, pay close attention to ideological construction, and study and education throughout the rectification work。The second is to pay attention to methods and measures, grasp the key links, to promote the implementation of the work of education and rectification, some problems existing in the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres, the blade of self-examination and self-correction, and serious rectification。The third is to strictly consolidate and improve, combine the current reform and long-term establishment, promote compliance with rules and discipline into the ideological consciousness and action consciousness of discipline inspection cadres, and promote the continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of discipline inspection work。

Other matters were discussed at the meeting。(Writer: Ma Ruixia)

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