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As a good master of the great development of labor competition series report 13: Play a good "100-day battle" to ensure the completion of the annual target task

Post time: 2023-10-21 22:11:17 Source: Trade Union Number of page views: 484

    September and October are the golden period of construction, and the participating project departments of the first construction project actively carry out the theme of "good masters and great development" labor competition, around the content of the "six to six" competition, fully set off a big boom, and played the "hundred-day battle", and achieved phased results。

     The first phase of the Zongyang New energy auto parts Industrial Park project completed an output value of 8.09 million yuan in September, with a completion rate of 151%, and the tasks of the output value index of the labor competition have been completed。
     Hefei New West Railway Station area 10, 12 land resettlement project has been completed output value of 1.4.8 billion yuan, the output value of September 2,402.520,000 yuan, successfully completed the month's competition output target。
     The project of plot No. FX202235 in Feixi County was completed in September.920,000 yuan, the completion rate of 178% in the month, the cumulative completion of the labor competition index 85%。
     The general contract of the Dingxiang Garden (Phase I) project of the West City of Hefei Canal New City was completed in September with an output value of 1030.280,000 yuan, the completion rate is 103%, the total completion of the labor competition index 75.68%。
     Yixiu District artificial intelligence computing Center and high-end computer intelligent manufacturing base project completed the planned output value of 803 in September.80,000 yuan, the completion rate of 115% in the month, the cumulative completion of the labor competition index 68%。At present, the five-storey structure of the comprehensive office building has been completed, the three-storey structure of the computing center has been completed, the one-storey structure of the final assembly workshop has been completed, and the two-storey structure is under construction。
     Yongan Junior Middle School, Daliongshan Town, Yixiu District, Anqing City, completed 1291 output value in September.80,000 yuan, completion rate 132%。
     Construction construction will be in accordance with the requirements of the implementation plan of the special competition of Anhui Construction Construction "100-day Battle",Continue to strengthen the tracking and promotion of the competition process, inspection and supervision,Actively mobilize and organize the majority of Party members, employees and youth league members to give full play to the role of vanguard model, main force and fresh force in the competition activities,Ensure the completion of annual targets and tasks。

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