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As a good master of the great development of labor competition series report 12: Hefei New West Station resettlement project in October grab a harvest in golden autumn

Release time: 2023-10-20 22:03:54 Source: First Branch Number of page views: 409

Autumn October, is a harvest season, the first branch Hefei new West Station resettlement project actively responded to the group's "good masters, great development" labor competition call, grasp fast dry, seize the progress, the project output value to achieve new progress, has completed the planned output value 1.With 4.8 billion yuan, the production schedule is in a leading position among the five plots in the New West Railway Station area。

Since the start of the project, the project team has accelerated the construction progress of each building by reversing the construction period, formulating reasonable construction schedule and various resource supply plans, optimizing construction organization, strengthening on-site coordination, increasing team personnel and other measures, and has gone all out to promote the project construction to improve quality, expand quantity and increase efficiency。At present, the basement of the project has been completely capped, the supporting commercial foundation construction has been completed, and the eight main buildings have been constructed to eight floors and above。

All the builders of the project will attack the difficulties, go all out, gather their hearts, sound the charge horn of "Sprint for the fourth quarter, ensure the red for the whole year", sprint to the monthly output value of 30 million, and ensure the high quality to complete the annual target task。(Writer: Wang Biqiang)

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