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The company held a cost analysis meeting in the second quarter of 2023

Release time: 2023-08-26 10:43:14 Source: Cost Contract Department Number of page views: 1319

In order to implement the project cost management methods of the Group company,"Project basic management Deepening Year" activities and relevant documents of the company, timely grasp the project profit and loss, sum up and exchange cost management experience。On the afternoon of August 24th, company召开Cost analysis meeting in Q2 2023。Deputy Party Secretary, General manager, Director Sun Renfa attended the meeting and delivered a speech。The meeting was presided over by Ye Heyong, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of the company。

Son Renfa stressed,Maximizing economic benefits is the fundamental pursuit of enterprises。Strengthening cost consciousness, strengthening cost control and carrying out responsible cost management are important means and ways to carry out fine management, promote the income and efficiency of enterprises and promote the transformation and development of enterprises。

Sun Renfa request, one toImprove cost awareness, adhere to the monthly cost analysis meeting, accurate analysis of project costs, to ensure that the cost is stable and controllable。二要Strengthen management awareness, improve project production capacity, improve work efficiency, and further improve project management level。三要Adhere to strict management, analyze the differences and problems of key indicators, formulate measures, and pay close attention to implementation。四要We will strengthen management of financial resources and strictly control non-productive expenditures。The use of the three public funds is controlled within the annual budget, non-essential expenditures are reduced, double clearing work is implemented, and the recovery of funds and claims is accelerated。五要Clarify work responsibilities, strengthen cost process management, increase project assessment efforts, strengthen the operation of assessment results, and promote project cost management to a new level。

At the meeting, the responsible leaders put forward suggestions and requirements on cost management work, each branch reported the cost management situation in the second quarter and the next work plan, the company's cost contract department notified the special inspection situation of the second quarter and the next work arrangement, and the relevant functional departments of the organ spoke。

Meeting on site+ Held in the form of video, company leaders, heads of relevant departments, heads of various molecular companies and cost management personnel attended the meeting。

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