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The Party Committee held a comprehensive deepening of reform to promote innovation and development to stimulate the vitality of enterprises to improve the quality of development and theme education Party class report

Release time: 2023-07-06 15:07:58 Source: Party Committee Work Department Number of page views: 3429

  To celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,We will promote the development of thematic education,The morning of July 6th,The Party Committee held a comprehensive deepening of reform to promote innovation and development to stimulate the vitality of enterprises to improve the quality of development and theme education Party class report,Sun Renfa, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, general manager and director of the company, made a party class report on the theme of education with the title of "Reform, innovation and development as a new contribution to strive to create a new situation of high-quality development of construction",Deputy Inspector Lee Kwan-wook presided over the meeting,Members of the company's leadership team attended the meeting。

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the Group Party Committee's mobilization and deployment of comprehensively deepening reform, promoting innovative development and theme education Party class report;Read out the notice of the Party Committee of the first construction Project on the establishment of a leading group for comprehensively deepening reform and promoting innovation and development。 

Sun Renfa pointed out in the reportSince the development of theme education, Party organizations at all levels of the company have firmly graspedThe general requirement of "learning ideology, strengthening party spirit, emphasizing practice and building new achievements",The theoretical study, investigation and research, promotion of development and review and rectification are carried out in one,Actively build the "six learning" mechanism,Adhere to the combination of theoretical learning and field teaching,Adhere to the combination of personal self-study and exchange and discussion,Talk about the learning experience around each topic,We will promote thematic education in a deeper and more substantive way。

Son Renfa stressedIt is necessary to improve the political position, actively implement the group's comprehensive promotion of deepening reform, and comprehensively promote the strategic requirements of innovative development, to ensure that the decision-making and deployment of the Group's party committee are implemented to the letter。一是Efforts are being made to streamline the organization and consolidate resources。In strict accordance with the principle of intensive and efficient, we should further reduce the level of management, vigorously reduce the staff of sub-companies and two-level organs, invest personnel and strength in the front line of production and operation, effectively reduce non-productive expenditures, and comprehensively reduce management costs。二是In the market development, transformation and upgrading efforts。According to the company's overall strategic objectives and transformation and development needs, close contact with brother units, qualification sharing, multi-directional collaboration and support"The group has a big market and operates a chess game", cultivating high-quality regional markets, focusing on major investment and financing projects in urban renewal, urban operation, ecological governance and other fields。三是In consolidating the foundation, fine management efforts。Adhere to the result-oriented, to the project management to benefit, do everything possible to strengthen management, do everything possible to control costs, do everything possible to grasp (resolve) calculation and fund recovery。Fourth, we will work hard to improve the system and strengthen weak areas。Ensure that the system is feasible, achievable, well managed, and useful, give full play to the "yardstick" role of the system, form a scientific and perfect institutional management system, and effectively improve the operational efficiency of the system。Fifth, we are exercising strict control and preventing risks。We should guard against business risks。Do the "five strictly forbidden"。It is necessary to strictly control fund risks, adhere to the principle of "revenue determines expenditure", and clarify the responsibility for fund management。We should prevent and control security and legal risks。

Sun Renfa askedWe must adhere to the guidance of party building and lay the ideological foundation for achieving high-quality development。Persist in emancipating the mind and accelerate the transformation of learning results in thematic education;Adhere to the party's management of cadres, and create a good atmosphere of clean air and business;Focus on two functions to promote the development of party building"Double fusion";Highlight supervision and accountability, persevere in strengthening the construction of style and efficiency, effectively lead high-quality development with high-quality party building, and make new and greater contributions to promoting the high-quality development of construction engineering。

At the meeting, the relevant departments of the organs notified the completion of the indicators in the first half of the year and the next work arrangement, and the three units of the Hainan branch, the second branch company and the third branch company focused on preventing capital risks and paid close attention"Double clearing" work, project cost control and other presentations。

The conference is held in the form of live and video, with a total of main and sub-venues20, more than 150 people participated in the meeting, such as the head of the department, the team members of the affiliated units, the head of the department, and the project manager of the self-run project。

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