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Hainan branch Party branch to carry out "into the Sushi" theme reading exchange

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  “学习是文明传承之途,人生成长之梯、政党巩固之基、国家兴盛之要”,习近平总书记深刻指出,学习中华优秀传统文化,有利于涵养高尚品格、融贯古今智慧。822On the same day, the Party branch of Hainan Branch carried out the "into Sushi" theme reading exchange meeting, Party members and cadres of the branch and young workers18Human participation。

Su Shi was one of the eight masters of the Tang and Song dynasties. He was philosophic and practical and had a wide range of hobbies. He was very accomplished in the fields of poetry, Ci, prose, painting and calligraphy.When he was in politics, he loved the people and solved the problem. In his later years, he opened a school in Hainan to educate the people and achieved outstanding political achievements.Su Shi's life was turbulent, but he always adhered to itThe attitude of life is optimistic and boundless。

Through the reading of Su Shi's life, we can effectively guide employees to cultivate elegant sentiments, enhance their responsibility, consciously improve their skills, and transform excellent traditional culture into a new journey to advance and promote the intrinsic driving force of high-quality development of enterprises。(Writer: Chen Zi Ang)

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